Satin Shower Cap (Plain)


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CURLYN’s Satin Shower Cap is a multipurpose product. It’s designed to keep your hair perfectly dry while in the shower or bath, protecting your tresses with the smooth glide of satin on the interior of the cap.

Features : 

  • Adjustable Drawstring– With the help of the drawstring, it allows for a comfortable fit around the head. A perfect option for those with voluminous, thicker, or longer hair.
  • Reversible– Designed for the satin to be gentle on hair underneath yet still protecting against moisture and humidity. It can easily be reversed and used as a conditioning cap to hold in moisture during pre-poo, hot oil. or deep conditioning treatments.
  • Durable– Created to stand the test of time with durable, high-grade waterproof PVC material and soft satin on the other.

Usage :

  1. For pre-poo session Apply your favorite oil and wear our satin shower cap from the plastic side. Leave it on overnight or for 30 minutes as per your liking. Our shower bonnet will ensure that the oil doesn’t stain your pillowcase or clothing.
  2. Under CURLYN’s Heat Cap After shampooing your hair, apply your favorite deep conditioning hair mask. Wear our satin shower cap from the satin side. Microwave the heat cap for 60 to 80 seconds and wear it over the shower cap. Let the heat do its magic for 15 to 30 minutes depending on how thirsty your hair is for moisture. Style as usual and enjoy soft moisturized hair.
  3. Everyday shower Don’t let your long hot shower steam ruin your lovely curls! Wear the cap from the satin side to prevent frizz and help your curls/waves last longer.


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Satin Shower Cap (Plain)

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