Satin Scrunchy (Plain)


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Your ultimate hair protector- Satin Scrunchy!

  The soft nature of satin will love your curls and look great doing it! Satin naturally has less friction and tension compared to a typical hair elastic/hair tie. This also has the added bonus of less breakage of the hair, because satin is so damn soft! Satin scrunchies are not only soft on your hair but also on your head.  A nice and soft satin scrunchy doesn’t cause or add to headaches and simply does it’s job, keeping your curls out of your face.

Healthier hair

– Gentle on hair

Cuts down friction and tension

Prevents breakage

Longer lasting curls

Different ways to use Satin Scrunchies

  • Pineapple – Satin scrunchies are perfect to use for this method and doesn’t cause extra frizz on your curls.
  • Spicing up your hairstyles – Have you ever styled your hair and it’s just seems to be missing something? Try adding a Satin Scrunchie! A small touch can make a big difference in your final look.
  • Can be worn around the clock –  Our scrunchies are a stylish accessory option that are perfect for wearing all day long and even to sleep. They will leave no dents  or cause hair breakage and frizz.
  • Won’t leave kinks –  Hair ties or rubber bands leave kinks in your hair. Especially when you sleep with them on. Now wake up every day with kink free hair everyday.
  • Prevents breakage – Cotton and other fabrics typically used for sheets are moisture-absorbing and can cause friction when our curls rub against them. This leads to breakage. We want our curls to grow not break off. Satin prevents this from happening, along with a good hair care regimen using cg friendly products.


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Satin Scrunchy (Plain)

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