Microfiber Towel

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Size – 30 by 60 inches ( full size towel )

Material – Soft Microfiber

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If you want a way to dry your curly hair without damage, you could try air drying it. However, this can without a doubt take some time given the nature of our hair. Another non-damaging way to dry your hair is with a towel. Specifically, a microfiber towel. Compared to the popular and commonly used cotton towels, microfiber towels can be a more compatible and beneficial alternative for your hair. Microfiber towels are comprised of a fiber material measuring one denier or less.   In the effort to keep your hair healthy and retain its health, you must be always gentle with your strands. A microfiber towel can help with just that. It is comprised of a smoother, soft material that is suitable for textured hair types i.e. curly/wavy hair which is often more fragile. When you use microfiber towels, there is less friction as you don’t have to manipulate your hair as much to dry it. Microfiber towels also quickly soak up water without leaving your hair feeling excessively dry. This helps to maintain softness and easier manageability in your curly/wavy hair.

Benefits of using microfiber bonnet for curly hair :

-Helps To Lessen Frizz
One of the benefits of microfiber towels for curly hair is that they can help to limit frizz as you dry your hair. The smoother microfiber material creates less friction on your strands. This feature is more gentle on your natural curl pattern and thus helps to keep the hair cuticle smooth.
-Prevents Snags And Breakage
Microfiber material can help to prevent snags and breakage. One annoyance of using cotton towels is the snagging that they sometimes cause throughout your hair. The tiny loops on cotton terry towels can easily get intertwined with your curly/wavy hair strands. This can, of course, be damaging to your hair and lead to breakage. Microfiber material is more gentle and smoother on your strands. As a result, microfiber towels can help to prevent snags and in turn prevent breakage.
-Absorbs Excess Water
Absorbs water without causing excessive dryness. When looking for efficient ways to dry your hair, we all want an alternative that can speed up drying times without damage. Microfiber towels can quickly absorb water, shortening your drying time, without leaving your hair feeling excessively dry. This makes microfiber towels a great pre-step for styling.
-Absorbs Excess Stylers
Absorbs excess stylers from your hair Microfiber towel is great for absorbing excess stylers and water from your hair. It absorbs more water during plopping as compared to a cotton t-shirt without disturbing the curl clumps.


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Microfiber Towel

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